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09 February 2016

RYAN (Euroa) — Almost 500 residents from Nagambie and nearby communities have signed a petition calling on the Premier to place paramedics in Nagambie permanently. I suggest that the Premier and the Minister for Health pay careful attention to this petition. It is not 1 or 10 or even 100 people pushing for an ambulance in Nagambie; it is the entire town. The government implemented a trial, following my calls for an examination of response times in Nagambie. The minister must now release the data from that trial so that we can evaluate its success, how many call-outs were attended over the period and what were the local response times during the period the ambulance was based in town.

We are approaching the end of summer, but that does not mean the risk to the local community or visitors to Nagambie has come to an end. In the coming weeks Nagambie's calendar is full of major events: the Nagambie on Water Festival; the Associated Public Schools Heads of the River rowing regatta; the regular Music at the Bridge evenings; and, later in the year, the Nagambie Lakes Opera Festival. The time has come for Labor to stop spinning on this issue. The government owes it to the community to match the coalition's pledge to base two full-time paramedics and an ambulance community officer in the community — even the ambulance union says so.

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