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21 February 2018

I would like to welcome members in the chamber to this week's Euroa trains update. Today I would like to introduce you to Alice Crichton. After getting off an overnight flight recently Alice, her husband and their one-year-old baby were forced to spend the night in Melbourne, because when they attempted to catch the train home to Benalla they discovered the train had been replaced with a coach, and there were no more seats on the coach from Seymour to Benalla. Alice says:

Because we were not able to catch the train back as we had planned, we had to spend an additional $200 on accommodation and food that we had not budgeted. We chose to catch the train as I did not feel that it would be safe for us to drive over two hours from Melbourne after an overnight flight.

People in Benalla have just as much right to access reliable (and more!) frequent public transport as people in the metropolitan hubs of this state.

Let me also tell you about Gavin Walsh from Wandong. Gavin commutes to Melbourne every day and says his train has only been on time three times this year. He says:

I feel that the quality of service is rapidly deteriorating to the point where we are lucky that our train arrives at its destination on time both to and from the city each day.

I know that there will always be the occasional service disruption but when it's the occasional service that runs on time, it really has me questioning giving up on the rail service and getting back into my car.

It is time to stump up and buy the new trains you promised, Premier.

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