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Brewing anger at state of local roads

11 March 2022

An incredibly low number of regional ratepayers are satisfied with the state of their local roads, according to new data from Ratepayers Victoria. 

Across the electorate of Euroa, satisfaction with local roads is as low as 43 per cent. 

Member for Euroa and newly appointed Shadow Minister for Roads, Steph Ryan, said the polling reflected country people’s frustrations with Andrews Government’s contempt has regional Victoria.

“Country drivers are sick of dodging potholes and crumbling road shoulders every time we leave home,” Ms Ryan said.

“While Labor MPs and Ministers pat themselves on the back in Parliament for improving country roads, the government is debating lowering speed limits on country roads because of their poor condition.

“The hypocrisy and ignorance is extraordinary.”

Ms Ryan said Labor MPs had again shown themselves to be clueless about the state of country roads. 

“Last sitting week the Minister told the Parliament he was making country roads “safer and smoother”. 

“Anyone who has driven the roads in our region of late knows that is not true.”

Ms Ryan said she has invited the Minister to the Euroa electorate to see the true state of the state’s road network.

“Country roads have suffered from neglect ever since Daniel Andrews decided to axe the Country Roads and Bridges Program back in 2014,” Ms Ryan said.

“If elected we will reinstate this program, which provides funding to help maintain local roads, and make regional roads a priority.

“I have formally invited the Minister to visit our region so he can see the state of our roads for himself.”

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