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Call to accelerate Nagambie’s NBN connection

25 January 2017

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan has called on NBN Co to accelerate the rollout of high speed broadband services to Nagambie.

Ms Ryan said many Nagambie residents were unable to connect to the internet because with NBN on the horizon Telstra would no longer supply ADSL ports in the town.

“People are moving to town only to find out they cannot access ADSL internet,” Ms Ryan said.

“One resident moved two doors away only to find out they had lost their connection and could not get a new one.

“The National Broadband Network (NBN) is still more than a year away from being rolled out in Nagambie leaving residents with no alternative but to use expensive 4G wireless internet.

“Using wireless 4G is not an effective solution for those who want to work from home of who are trying to run a business.

“NBN Co needs to accelerate the rollout of the NBN to Nagambie because the town’s inability to access internet is acting as a handbrake on business.”

Ms Ryan said she had contacted Telstra Countrywide on a number of occasions and as a result they had added Nagambie to their priority list.

“This could mean an upgrade is undertaken but this will still be months away.  People are waiting for internet connection now,” Ms Ryan said.

“People living in Nagambie should not be disadvantaged when it comes to internet connection simply because they’ve chosen to live in a regional town.

“If we want people to move to country communities like Nagambie we need to ensure basic infrastructure like the internet is available.”

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