Cone of silence finally lifted on QR check-in data

10 August 2021

The Shepparton community can finally access a record of their COVID check-in history, after the Service Victoria smartphone application was quietly updated over the weekend.

All Victorians are required to check-in to locations as part of our state’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID, but Victorians have been denied the opportunity to see their data – until now.

Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan recently put forward the positive idea to enable people to access their own QR code history to speed up and strengthen contact tracing.

“Allowing Victorians to securely access their own QR Code check-in history gives us more control over our own information and will help speed up a contact tracing process that’s still too slow,” Ms Ryan said.

“Not everyone can remember exactly where they were five, six, seven days ago, exactly what shop they visited, at exactly what time.

“Other states were able to provide this data to their citizens months ago, but Daniel Andrews had to be dragged kicking and screaming to let us see our own data.

“Finally, it’s been delivered meaning that all of us can now quickly and securely check our history against exposure sites and play our part in keeping Victoria open.”

While the Andrews Labor Government is guilty of using statewide lockdown as a first response, The Nationals have been pushing for a better way that stops the spread of COVID-19 while keeping our state safe, and open.

“Yo-yoing in and out of snap lockdowns isn’t a solution - it’s a death sentence for our jobs and livelihoods,” Ms Ryan said.

“All we're asking for is for the government to apply some common sense, to be practical, and to be proportionate and also to show a little bit of compassion.

“The Nationals are also calling for the rollout of rapid testing, release of the public health advice informing the government’s decisions and a better targeted vaccination program to keep Victorians safe, while keeping our state open.”

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