Constituency question - Drainage between Murchison and Tatura

13 December 2017

My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. When will the government address the issue of drainage between Murchison and Tatura, particularly at the property of Mr Robert Wright at 115 Murchison-Tatura Road? After the recent heavy rainfall that we had, Mr Wright's front paddocks were completely underwater. They resembled a small lake, really, rather than a paddock. He contacted my office, quite distressed at the significant impact that that was having on his paddocks and right up to the front of his house.

At the moment there is nowhere for the water to go. It drains under the road and into his property. He advised me that it is still there today, 10 days after the rainfall event. I understand that years ago there was a drainage system, and I know that the Minister for Water has released a rural drainage strategy; however, work carried out by VicRoads has actually blocked the drainage system up. Something needs to be done by the minister and by VicRoads to assist Mr Wright and other owners of properties along the Murchison-Tatura Road that are affected.

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