Constituency Question - vacant reserve off Gay St, Benalla

17 October 2017

Ms RYAN (Euroa) - My constituency question is for the Treasurer. When will the vacant reserve off Jean Crescent and Gay Street in Benalla be offered for sale? Residents would also like to know how long the cyclone fencing that has been erected will remain in place and whether the reserve will be maintained during this period.

My constituent Ann Farken, who lives near the reserve, contacted me concerned about what will happen with this space. I note that according to the Department of Treasury and Finance website the land is listed as being prepared for sale. The land has been maintained for some time by neighbours, who mow the lawn and water the trees so that it is kept in a reasonable condition. It is used by the community as a recreational area for activities such as walking and also as a space for local children to play. However, the fence has prohibited access. No consultation has occurred with the local community, and no information has been provided as to what is happening with the land.

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