Skills Training and Apprenticeships TAFE 2018 State Budget

Daniel Andrews’ TAFE fix too little, too late

01 May 2018

For more than three years Daniel Andrews has done nothing on TAFE but six months out from the election he’s suddenly showing an interest.

Daniel Andrews’ TAFE rescue has been a miserable failure with student enrolments crashing by more than 150,000. 

Now in an election year he’s announced courses will be free in a desperate bid to save face and get students through the doors.

Today there are 151,000 fewer students enrolled in government-subsidised training than when Daniel Andrews was elected in 2014. A majority of Victoria’s TAFEs are struggling financially, with many relying on government bailouts to stay afloat.

Making TAFE courses free has the potential to decimate adult education providers and goes against the advice of Labor’s own VET funding review which found it would result in over enrolments in some areas of provision.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Training, Skills and Apprenticeships Steph Ryan

Daniel Andrews tabled TAFE annual reports under the cover of the Budget in a desperate bid to hide the true state of the TAFE sector on his watch.

Instead of rescuing TAFE, Daniel Andrews has gutted it.

Under Labor, students have turned ­­away from Victoria’s training system in droves.

Daniel Andrews’ latest TAFE rescue threatens to decimate adult education providers and leave skilled Victorians out of work.

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