Trains Donnybrook station

Donnybrook railway station

19 September 2018

My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. Will upgrades to the Donnybrook railway station include improvements to the bus stop facilities? On 12 August Merrilyn Sanderson of Seymour was waiting for the 5.03 Seymour train from Donnybrook, but it did not arrive. She told me that Donnybrook is an unmanned station, and there are no screens, signs or recordings to inform passengers of changes in the service. Having waited some time for the train, which she had assumed to be just delayed, she rang V/Line and was told of the change from train to coach. Further questioning revealed that the bus stop is not, as you might imagine, in the railway car park but some distance away on the road. There is no shelter, and there are no seats. Passengers had to stand for 45 minutes in the encroaching dark and biting cold waiting for the coach.

Merrilyn is very concerned about this and would like to see the bus stop moved so that it is in closer proximity to the railway station. I have to add that along the line we want to see dramatic improvements to the reliability of the Seymour and north-eastern Shepparton train lines. We have committed to do that with a $240 million investment to replace all of the rolling stock.

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