Wall to Wall Benalla

Euroa electorate events

24 March 2016

23 March 2016

Ms RYAN — I invite all members of this house to visit Benalla to see the town's wonderful transformation through the Wall to Wall festival over the weekend. My congratulations go to Shaun Hossack and the Benalla Street Art Committee. They have drawn artists from around the world, including artists like Adnate, to put Benalla at the forefront of urban and contemporary art. The festival was one of a number of fantastic events happening in Euroa at the weekend. I must place on record my congratulations to the organisers of the Thoona Wheelie Bin Championships, one of my favourite events on the calendar each year. For the benefit of the Minister for Health in particular, I also highlight the Associated Public Schools of Victoria heads of the river event, which drew more than 13 000 people to Nagambie over the weekend, all without an ambulance in town. I again urge the Andrews Labor government to match the coalition's commitment to fund an ambulance for Nagambie.

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