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Euroa Electorate Small Business Support

10 June 2021

Labor must urgently review its lack of support for hundreds of small businesses across my electorate. The Acting Premier stated very clearly a few days ago that business support was a responsibility of the state government, yet when businesses with a turnover of less than $75 000 have tried to apply for support from this government, they have been unfairly rejected.

Carl Leech has operated a small business repairing guitars and selling custom instruments in Euroa for three years. His business is heavily reliant on out-of-town tourism, and he is ineligible for support under the cruel criteria Labor has put in place, despite losing his income through lockdown. Carl told me:

… like many other small businesses I have fallen through the cracks, and really wonder whether it’s worth having a small business …

John Wright has called me from Rushworth. He is desperate for help. The lockdowns have crippled his events business, and he is now selling belongings to get by. He and his wife have two young children, and they are considering leaving Victoria. He has been told that he is ineligible for support from the Victorian government. Other businesses have found that the government has just drawn a line through their type of business. Some are in and some are out, for no apparent reason. Shawn Cody is a mobile paint removal technician from Wandong. He could not work during the lockdown, but he is ineligible for assistance because his business code is not listed. I could stand here for an hour with examples. People are losing income, they are struggling to pay their bills and it is not fair.

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