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06 June 2018

Yesterday I met with Jim Perry and Wayne Sullivan, the chair and CEO of Euroa Health. They are continuing to look for permanent funding for the Euroa hospital. Euroa Health is one of just five bush nursing hospitals that are now left in Victoria, and because the state government classifies these hospitals as being private, they are cut out from being able to access any kind of public funding, which means that if you wish to go to Euroa Health, you either need to be self-funded or have private health insurance. With no public beds and no public health care in the Strathbogie shire, I think that is a great inequity. Strathbogie shire is the only shire in the state where there is no access to publicly funded health care.

Last year after a number of years of lobbying and calling for action here in this place, we finally succeeded in getting the Department of Health and Human Services to agree to some funding for Euroa Health. It was a trial which allowed them to admit a limited number of patients. They were given an allocation of 60 weighted inlier equivalent separations, and that was within an agreed scope of practice. To date the hospital has treated 39 people at Euroa, and I think that proves that the model is a success and should be supported into the future. So I am calling on the government to make that allocation permanent.

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