Small business StreetLife Program

Euroa Streetlife Program

28 May 2015

28 May, 2015

MS RYAN (Euroa) — Given the Premier has assumed the responsibilities of the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, I would like to draw his attention to the question mark hanging over the StreetLife program. StreetLife was an initiative of the previous coalition government. It provided grants to councils and business and trader associations to support small business and develop targeted projects to improve the competitiveness and economic outcomes of local shopping precincts.

Business Enterprise Euroa applied for a grant just prior to the last election. More than six months later it is still waiting to hear whether the government will grant its request for funding. Business Enterprise Euroa is proactively encouraging new businesses to operate in Euroa, and among other things it is encouraging local businesses to sell more locally produced goods and services.

Many of the local retailers in Euroa have been there for successive generations, which is testament to the strength and resilience of their businesses. I would ask that the government give its speedy and favourable consideration to the community's application for funding.

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