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Fight back on for public beds at Euroa

12 June 2018

The future of public beds at Euroa Health is facing uncertainty as a state government trial which allowed the hospital to admit a limited number of public patients draws to a close.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan has renewed her calls for the Andrews Labor Government to make the funding permanent.

Ms Ryan this week met with Euroa Health Chair Jim Perry and CEO Wayne Sullivan in Parliament, along with Shadow Country Health Minister Emma Kealy to discuss the results of the trial and the hospital’s future.

“Last year we finally succeeded in getting the Department of Health and Human Services to agree to limited funding for Euroa Health but that expires at the end of this month.

“The trial allowed the hospital to admit a limited number of patients within an agreed scope of care. 

“To date 39 people have been treated at Euroa which, for many, means they could recuperate in their own community where they could be supported by family and friends.”

“The trial was a success on every level. The Andrews Government should now grant Euroa Health a permanent allocation of funding.”

Ms Ryan said without funding Strathbogie would be the only shire in Victoria without access to publicly funded health.

Euroa Health is one of just five bush nursing hospitals left in Victoria.  Because the state government classifies these hospitals as private, they are excluded from access to any kind of public funding which means patients can only be treated if they pay their own way or have private health insurance.

Ms Kealy said she valued the opportunity to be briefed on the project.

“If bush nursing hospitals like Euroa did not exist, the Victorian Government would have to step into the gap,” Ms Kealy said.

“Euroa Health have a strong case and it is disappointing the Andrews Government is still dragging its heels in ensuring Euroa residents can access public healthcare.”


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