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08 June 2017

Ms Ryan (Euroa) — The adjournment matter that I would like to raise this evening is for the Minister for Public Transport, so I am pleased to see that she is at the table. The action that I seek is the funding of additional bus services for the community of Kilmore. As the minister would most likely be aware, the Kilmore East railway station is some distance from the centre of the Kilmore community, some 5 kilometres, which makes the bus timetable particularly problematic for people wishing to take the train to and from the Kilmore East railway station.





I have raised this issue in the house on a number of occasions, so I think the minister is across the issue, but it is an issue for Kilmore's younger residents and elderly citizens in particular, who obviously in many instances cannot drive and therefore find access to the train service more difficult. The train is Kilmore's link to Melbourne and is important for people wishing to access educational opportunities, health care and other services, and of course employment. There are a large number of people who commute to and from Kilmore each day for that purpose.

The bus timetable as it is currently scheduled fails to meet all of the trains within a reasonable time frame, which means people who do not drive have to wait at the station for friends or family to pick them up or they need to pay for a taxi into town. Weekends and public holidays are of particular concern for the community; of course people's need for transport does not stop on those days. The community has also been petitioning for additional stops along the route within the town, particularly at the hospital, and I know there has been a proposal for an additional stop at Coles as well. All of that is important to improving connections within the community, which is not the easiest to access.

I request that the minister actually provides some funding for additional bus services to meet the concerns of the community, which have been raised now over several years. I know she did come recently to a public transport forum in Wallan. I understand from talking to a number of people that they felt that it was a reasonably select crowd, but I do know that the minister is aware of the concerns that have been raised on a number of occasions by the Kilmore community, and it would be greatly appreciated if she could fund some additional bus services.

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