Kilmore roads

12 December 2017

My adjournment matter is also for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and the action I am seeking from the minister is that he address the terrible and deteriorating condition of roads around Kilmore and provide the funding that is needed to make those roads safe and in an acceptable condition for residents — and that takes a number of forms.

I have recently been speaking to residents from around Kilmore, and what is most concerning to them is the terrible condition of Kilmore's roads. I met with Peter Medley last week. He lives on Broadford-Kilmore Road. At the moment he has issues with the height of the grass on his roadsides, which probably comes to above my shoulder. There is a real issue there in that VicRoads will only undertake one slash a year. He is concerned about the fire risk that that presents. In my view there is a real need for the minister to instruct VicRoads, and provide them with the funding, to undertake more than one slash of that long grass a year to protect the safety of those residents.

It is also about the condition of the local roads, including the Northern Highway, Kilmore-Lancefield Road and Broadford-Kilmore Road. Those roads are all facing issues with potholes, bumps and deteriorating road edges as well. We all know that if you fix country roads, you save country lives. Some parts of those roads are completely worn out. Constituents have contacted me concerned about potholes, but they are also concerned about the urgent need for resurfacing.

Obviously the population of Kilmore and the surrounding areas is increasing quite dramatically, and as a consequence it is vital that the government actually invests in those roads to ensure that we have adequate infrastructure. That of course raises the issue of the Kilmore-Wallan bypass, which the government has been absolutely silent on for the last three years. The community is still desperately waiting for some direction from the government, which seems to continue to find new reasons to delay the process.

I would also urge the government to give serious consideration to the application made by Mitchell Shire Council to the Growing Suburbs Fund for money to revitalise Kilmore's main street. The bypass project has been an important part of being able to do that, but I think it is absolutely necessary that the government considers its application for that revitalisation of the main street to get trucks off that street and reinvigorate things for traders. I do note with some disappointment that the coalition made a commitment of $2 million to do that, which the Andrews government scrapped.

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