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Know your risk - FloodSafe Week

28 May 2015

Dear Editor

This week is the Victorian State Emergency Service’s FloodSafe week and I want to take the opportunity to urge Benalla residents to know their flood risk.

Typically, a major flood happens in Benalla every 20 years.  Given the last major flood occurred in 1993, we are overdue for another one.

Despite reports of an approaching El Nino, it is very important that residents know their flood risk and are prepared. 

Whilst Benalla’s overall population has remained relatively stable over the last two decades, there is a significant turnover of population, particularly in the 25-35 age bracket. 

This means that many of Benalla’s residents have moved to the area since the ’93 floods and have not experienced a major flood in the town.

In the ‘93 floods, 1,500 people were evacuated from their homes, 500 houses and businesses flooded or were cut off, 400 km of rural fencing and farm machinery were damaged and telephone, power, sewerage and water supplies were interrupted.

It is important that residents understand what risk a major flood would pose to their home, their place of work and roads which they regularly use.

Residents can download their local flood guide from www.ses.vic.gov.au/local-flood-info and I would encourage all people living in Benalla to take a look and make sure they are informed and prepared.


Steph Ryan MP
Member for Euroa
Deputy Leader of The Nationals

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