Labor backs dingoes and foxes to save ecosystem

13 April 2022

A Labor dominated committee has handed down an ‘Inquiry into ecosystem decline in Victoria’, recommending the reintroduction of dingoes and the banning of 1080 baits that are used to control pest populations.

The report was deemed so removed from reality by the Victorian Nationals that a minority report was developed, addressing the concerns of ignored submissions and reflecting the major causes of ecosystem decline.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Nationals Leader Steph Ryan has supported the minority report and its findings.

“With such broad terms of reference its astounding that letting dingos run free and banning baits is the best the committee could come up with.

“We know the two biggest threats to our ecosystem are invasive species and the increased threat of bushfires.

“I would challenge Labor members to head to country Victoria and explain how the decline in ecosystems will be prevented by banning bait.

“Introducing dingoes and banning bait is asking for trouble.

“Farmers shouldn’t have to worried about increased threats to their livestock through more poor policy.

“The government won’t even have the debate with us as they cosy up more and more to the kooky Animal Justice Party.”

Ms Ryan said the Victorian Nationals had provided recommendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of DELWP, rather than increasing bureaucracy and red tape.

“We are focused on the major threats to the ecosystem and have provided clear plans to manage the ongoing threat of high intensity bushfires,” Ms Ryan said.

“Working with Traditional Owners to manage the land is at the forefront of our policy to manage the ecosystem.

“We will also work with landholders to control wild dogs, protecting livestock and native fauna.”

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