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Labor denies Mitchell small businesses lockdown compo

10 June 2021

The state Labor Government has blocked hundreds of businesses across the Euroa electorate from receiving financial assistance following Victoria’s most recent lockdown.

Member for Euroa and The Nationals deputy leader Steph Ryan has gone in to bat for small business owners across the region after the Labor Government deemed them ineligible for grants.

“Anyone operating a business with a turnover of less than $75,000 a year isn’t getting a brass razoo from the state Labor Government,” Ms Ryan said.

“Others have found themselves ineligible for assistance because the government, without rhyme or reason, has included some categories of business, but not others.

“Most of these people are small traders who are desperately trying to stay afloat through the government’s lockdowns and restrictions.”

Speaking in Parliament today, Ms Ryan said the government needed to urgently review its cruel criteria.

“These limitations are not fair when people are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table for their families,” Ms Ryan said.

Broadford accountant Scott McDougall said he was dealing with many businesses who had discovered they were ineligible for assistance.

“Many of my clients have had to close their business over the lockdown and have not received any other forms of income or compensation to cover the losses they have incurred,” Mr McDougall said.

“I understand that there must be some restrictions in place for the process, however, some seem to be completely biased against sole traders.

“It doesn’t seem logical or fair that these people are victimised because of the amount of income that they earn from their ventures.”

Ms Ryan said she had received many accounts of hardship from across the electorate.

“Labor cannot continue to lockdown the entire state every time there is an outbreak in Melbourne,” Ms Ryan said.

“The government needs to adopt a sensible, proportionate response like we have seen in NSW and they need to immediately offer financial assistance to those small businesses who have been barred from receiving help.”


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