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Labor’s bus bungle on Seymour train line

29 May 2018

Hundreds of commuters on the Seymour line are being forced to take buses, adding an extra 25 minutes to their journey time.

According to V/Line updates, level crossing removal works in Melbourne meant coaches would be replacing a number of evening Seymour trains between May 28 and June 6.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan said the Andrews Labor Government’s management of the Seymour line had become an embarrassment and commuters were fed up.

“People are worried they will lose their jobs because our train service is so bad,” Ms Ryan said.

“We should not be given less consideration than commuters catching a train in Melbourne.

“People are angry and they want to know why the Andrews Government won’t fix the trains on the Seymour line.”

A number of trains will be impacted including the 20:20 and 21.45 Seymour to Southern Cross and the 21:50 Southern Cross to Seymour services over the next two days, the 21:55 Southern Cross to Seymour on 3 June and the 21:50 Southern Cross to Seymour and the 20:20 and 21:45 Seymour to Southern Cross services between 4 and 6 June.

Ms Ryan said it was just another disruption in a constant stream of inadequacies on the line.

“Train doors not closing, services constantly running late and services stopping for periods of time with no explanation; catching the train each day is like playing Russian roulette,” Ms Ryan said.

“If The Nationals are elected to government in November we will invest $220 million to replace all of the Shepparton and Albury bound trains with new trains.

“After four budgets, the Andrews Government hasn’t invested a dollar into new rolling stock for our line.

“Labor keeps saying more ‘planning’ is required even though it takes about three years for new trains to be built from the time they are ordered.

“Daniel Andrews should have ordered these trains years ago if he was serious about keeping up with the growth in passenger numbers.”

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