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Labor’s plan to dud GMID irrigators out of high reliability water

22 April 2020

The Andrews Labor Government is trying to cheat Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID) irrigators out of some of the 75GL of high reliability water they are owed from the first stage of the Connections Project.

Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville missed the June 2019 deadline to return this water to irrigators, which was given to the Commonwealth Government as a down payment for Stage 2 of the Connections Project.

In 2007, then Minister for Rural and Regional Development John Brumby promised that when the water was returned there would be “an extra 75 GL of new high security water for farmers every year”.

But the Andrews Government’s consultation documents reveal it plans to dud GMID irrigators by returning the 75GL as “a mix of high reliability and low reliability water shares”.

Irrigators will have until June 1 to have their say on the proposal at engage.vic.gov.au/irrigators-share

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan

Irrigators were pushed to the back of the queue when this deal was made. Under John Brumby’s plan, Melbourne and the environment got its water first.

Irrigators were given an ironclad guarantee by John Brumby that they would get an extra 75GL of high reliability water. Now that water is supposed to be returned to irrigators, Lisa Neville is cheating them of the full amount they’re owed.  

GMID irrigators should reject Labor’s plan to swindle them out of the savings they were promised.

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