Water Murray Darling Basin Plan

Labor Senators hold future of Basin communities in their hands

07 May 2018

Critical amendments to the Murray Darling Basin Plan must pass the Senate this week.

Labor holds the livelihoods of families and small farmers in its hands. If it teams with the Greens to strip more water from northern Victorian communities, it will condemn them to further job losses.

While other parties have told us where they stand, Victoria’s Labor Senators have refused to declare how they will vote.

This is the last chance for Victorian Water Minister Lisa Neville to convince her Federal Labor colleagues, including Party Leader and Victorian MP Bill Shorten, to support our state’s southern Basin communities.

The time for equivocation is over: Victoria’s Labor senators must back the communities they represent.

Our regional communities have done the heavy lifting to return water under the Basin Plan and we have lost jobs and economic growth as a consequence.

Northern Victoria can’t lose more water.

A bogus campaign of misinformation from the Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young and environmental groups falsely label these amendments as taking water away from the environment.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

These vital amendments will deliver 605GL of water savings without condemning the future of our irrigators and Basin communities.

Labor needs to put people before politics.

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