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Labor tries to gag MPs on CFA

01 September 2016

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Editor      
As Addressed

Last week Daniel Andrews tried to stop opposition MPs from speaking out against his deal to undermine CFA volunteers.

Daniel Andrews’ hand-picked new head of the CFA Francis Diver confirmed on 3AW radio that Liberal and Nationals MPs have been uninvited from participating in events at their local brigades. 

A leaked email which was sent to all CFA stations gave a very clear direction that there was to be no involvement from non-government MPs including no official or speaking roles at ‘medal presentations, station openings, truck handover’s, brigade dinners or the like’.

In the same radio interview, Francis Diver also failed to support Daniel Andrews’ claim that the EBA would cost taxpayers $160 million.

Labor’s treatment of Victoria’s CFA volunteers has completely politicised the CFA and caused irreparable damage to the CFA as we know it.

So far Daniel Andrews has tried to crush anyone who has opposed his unlawful EBA including two senior female colleagues, the CFA Board and now any local MPs.

He has treated the 60,000 volunteers with contempt and jeopardising the safety of country Victorians.

I won’t be silenced by Daniel Andrews’ efforts to gag local MPs. I will continue to meet with my local brigades, attend events and speak whenever and wherever I am invited to by the local brigade. 

If you disagree with Daniel Andrews’ treatment of CFA volunteers, take the time to sign my petition at:

Steph Ryan MP
Member for Euroa
Deputy Leader of The Nationals


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