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Land for Kilmore bypass delayed by six years

03 May 2022

The Andrews Labor Government now plans to take six years just to acquire the land for the Kilmore bypass.

The latest blowout in timelines was revealed in today’s state budget, where the Andrews Labor Government again failed to commit a cent towards constructing the long overdue project.

Member for Euroa and Shadow Minister for Roads Steph Ryan lashed out at the Andrews Government today, slamming the lengthy delays as unjustifiable and costly.

“If Daniel Andrews stays in government, we will be flying hovercrafts before this project gets built,” Ms Ryan said.

“Labor has literally done nothing to advance the construction of the bypass since putting a measly $20 million aside for land acquisition in 2018. When the Liberals and Nationals left office in 2014, we were on track to have this project finished by the end of 2017.”

Ms Ryan said Labor continued to mislead the community, claiming it was building the bypass while doing nothing to advance it.

In 2015, Jaclyn Symes told Parliament: ‘it is something that has been on my agenda since I came to Parliament.’

In 2017 a Labor spokesperson told The Age: ‘we’re building this bypass with the right funding, the right planning…’

In 2018 Ms Symes told the North Central Review: ‘this [funding for land acquisition] progresses it to the next stage and we will be in a strong position for full project funding…this is something which is on track.’

“Under Labor’s timelines now, we’re looking at the middle of 2024 before a shovel will even be in the ground – and that is contingent on them sticking to the current timeline and actually coughing up the funding for the project.

“It is galling to hear Labor talk about planning and building for the future, when they continue to spend billions upon billions of dollars in Melbourne while ignoring essential regional infrastructure.

“The Kilmore community has every right to be fed up with the feet dragging, sluggishness and complete lack of urgency from this government,” Ms Ryan said.

“It’s hard to even call this treading water. Kilmore isn’t shrinking, and every year of delay is another year of gridlock for the community.”

Ms Ryan said the choice was clear for Kilmore residents after the shambolic mismanagement of the Kilmore bypass under the State Labor Government.

“This budget demonstrates that Daniel Andrews has no interest in the needs of people who live outside of metropolitan Melbourne.”

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