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Liberal Nationals to break down barriers for rural students

15 August 2018

A young person’s future shouldn’t be determined by where they live.

For many young regional Victorians the daunting challenge of moving away from family and friends for tertiary education is a reality they have to face alone.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will invest in a brighter future for young Victorians with a new program to help students who have to relocate settle into tertiary study.

In discussions with the Rural Youth Ambassadors, we'll provide $600,000 over four years to create the Rural Tertiary Network, a program to link students who have moved to one of Victoria’s regional cities or Melbourne for study with other students who have faced the challenge of settling into university or TAFE away from home.

We’ll also establish a pop-up hub as a base for rural students and their families as they start their tertiary education.  

A lack of transitional support for regional students who relocate for study was one of the key challenges identified in a 2013 report from the Regional Policy Advisory Committee.

Other challenges included isolation from friends and family, experiencing independent living for the first time, culture shock and adjusting to an environment where they are one of many high-achieving students.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will invest in a brighter future for Victoria’s next generation of leaders.

Comment attributable to Shadow Minister for Skills, Training and Apprenticeships Steph Ryan

Young people from country Victoria deserve the same opportunities as city kids.

The Liberal Nationals will help more students from rural and regional Victoria overcome the obstacles barring them from tertiary education, be it university or vocational education and training.

Our Rural Tertiary Network will give them the support they need to tackle a tertiary education.

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