Kangaroos Kangaroo pet food trial

Make the Kangaroo pet food trial permanent

07 June 2017

(Euroa) — (12 770) My constituency question is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. When will the Andrews government make the kangaroo pet food trial, instigated under the former coalition government, permanent? Farmers and landholders across the Euroa electorate are calling for the government to commit to the scheme. Ian Ross from Mia Mia owns 4000 hectares and estimates that at least a thousand kangaroos are on his property at any one time. He has been controlling the kangaroo population for a number of years according to permits issued by Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; however, he feels it has not made any noticeable impact on the number of kangaroos on his land. Most recently he was issued with a permit to cull just 80 kangaroos, less than he has previously been allowed. Ian wants to see the kangaroo pet food trial widened and made permanent so that more permits can be issued and kangaroo carcasses can be used productively. I urge the minister to make the trial permanent and to take another look at permit numbers so that more meaningful action can be afforded to landholders facing kangaroo overpopulation.

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