Water Desalination Plant

Melbourne water users pay twice to maintain desal

14 February 2018

The Victorian Government is ordering water from Victoria’s desalination plant to maintain the plant, despite Melbourne water customers paying $600 million a year to keep the plant operable.

Under the project deed Labor signed with AquaSure, Melbourne water users pay $600 million a year just to keep the plant ready to produce water, before a single drop of water is ordered.

But it was revealed at the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) today that ‘better plant and pipeline management’ was part of Labor’s decision to order a minimum of 15GL of water a year for the next three years, irrespective of how full the storages are.

When asked why Melbourne households were being asked to pay twice to maintain the plant, DELWP secretary John Bradley said there was a benefit to operating the equipment frequently.

Water officials didn’t know whether a zero gigalitre water order was modelled, despite confirming that it is standard practice to do so.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Water Steph Ryan

Labor handed AquaSure the deal of a lifetime when it signed Melbourne water users up to paying $600 million a year for 27 years.

Daniel Andrews is so desperate to justify Labor’s white elephant that he is now making Melbourne water users foot the bill twice for maintaining the desal plant.

At a time when families are already struggling to pay their household bills, Daniel Andrews is making Melbourne and Geelong families pay even more for desal water that isn’t needed.

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