Macular Disease

Minimise your risk of macular disease this May

23 May 2018

The Macula Disease Foundation of Australia is calling on Australians to learn how to minimise their risk of the developing the macula disease this month.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan is encouraging residents to support Macula Month by familiarising themselves with the symptoms of macular degeneration.

“Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and vision loss in Australia, with almost 1.29 Australians affected,” Ms Ryan said.

Macula disease is a term used to describe a number of diseases that affect the macula which is located at the centre of the retina at the back of the eye. Age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are two of the most common types of macula disease.

Despite macular disease being the leading cause of blindness in Australia, a recent study commissioned by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia found that 60 per cent of people diagnosed with diabetes do not know what the macula’s function is.

An additional 64 per cent of people diagnosed with diabetes are unaware that their eyes can be affected by the medical condition.

“It is extremely important that people know and understand the symptoms of macular disease, especially those with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes,” Ms Ryan said.

“Macula Month is a timely reminder to pay close attention to our eye health and seek medical advice if we notice any changes to our vision.

“Nutrition plays an important role in optimising our macular health and reducing the risk of disease.

“Adopting simple practices such as eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is not only good for overall wellbeing, but also for our eye health.

“Choosing to eat fish two to three times a week, particularly salmon which is high in Omega-3, can reduce the risk of developing macular disease.”

In celebration of Macula Month, the Macula Disease Foundation of Australia has produced an e-cookbook which features a range of nutritious recipes to help eat for your eyes.

For more information regarding Macula Month, including recipes, please contact Steph Ryan’s office on 5762 1600.

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