Minister covers up Dhurringile review details

15 December 2017

Minister for Correction Gayle Tierney has refused to release information about a security review at Dhurringile prison, Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan said today.

Ms Ryan said the Minister, when questioned in Parliament this week about the security review which was ordered by corrections authorities after a prisoner escaped in October, refused to answer.

“I am concerned the Minister is not heeding the concerns of local residents,” Ms Ryan said.

“Many residents are already upset after not being informed about the breakout when it occurred in October.

“The Dhurringile Community Action Group has undertaken extensive work to ensure community members feel safe and are kept informed in the event of an escape.

“However in this instance the procedures in place were not followed and the agreed to text was not sent out."

“Community members have a right to feel safe and they have a right to be kept informed about the outcome of this review.”

Ms Ryan said the Minister’s reasoning for not answering the questions was a reluctance to jeopardise the security at Dhurringile.

“The Minister’s excuses are ridiculous,” Ms Ryan said.

“There is no reason she cannot keep the community informed while still maintaining the security of delicate information.

“The Minister must put the concerns of the Dhurringile community at ease and ensure they are informed about the outcome of this review and what steps the government will take to implement its recommendations.”


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