2018 election commitment Waranga Rail Trail

Murchison to Bendigo: The Nationals to build Waranga trail

10 October 2018

A new walking and cycling trail to connect Murchison to Bendigo will be constructed if The Nationals are elected to government in November.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan pledged a $2.51 million contribution towards the project in Heathcote today.

Once built, walkers and cyclists will be able to travel from Murchison and ride or walk all the way to Bendigo via Rushworth and Heathcote.

“This project will link Heathcote, Murchison and Rushworth to be used by locals and visitors alike,” Ms Ryan said.

“Conservative estimates suggest the trail is expected to attract approximately 34,000 visitors every year and will create 17 new full time jobs.”

The first eight kilometres of the trail from Murchison was completed in March 2015 but it comes to an abrupt end at Channel Inlet Rd. 

“The walking and cycling trail will complete the missing link from Murchison to Rushworth,” Ms Ryan said.

“The trail will also be extended through the box iron bark forest to Heathcote where it will pick up the O’Keeffe trail to Bendigo.

“It will include local nature trails around Rushworth as well as the much anticipated Heathcote Winery Trail.”

Ms Ryan said the boost in visitor numbers to Heathcote, Murchison and Rushworth would be a boon for the region.

“This plan has been on the cards now for more than a decade and I want to make it happen,” Ms Ryan said.

“This project will bring money to town and support local jobs.

“It will be a valuable asset to local residents and business owners and I am excited to see the community’s vision realised if The Nationals are elected to government later this year.”

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