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Murray Darling Basin Plan agreement

08 May 2018

Irrigators and our southern Basin communities will be relieved with the news today of an agreement struck to continue to deliver the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

I congratulate Federal Water Minister David Littleproud for the work he has done to ensure Federal Labor ended its petty political games and put our Basin communities first.

The years of uncertainty have taken a toll on Victoria’s irrigators and communities along the Murray River, draining investment confidence and costing local jobs.

Federal Labor must now respect the Plan.

This means delivering the 605GL of supply measures to stop more water leaving Victoria.

It means the 450GL of upwater cannot be delivered unless it has a neutral or beneficial socio-economic impact in the southern Basin.

It means there must be no intentional flooding of private land without permission.

Northern Victoria can’t afford to lose more water.

Our regional communities have done the heavy lifting to return water under the Basin Plan and we have lost jobs and economic growth as a consequence.

It’s forced the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID) to a tipping point where any further reduction in available water will lead to further job losses and higher water prices.

The Greens Party’s campaign of misinformation has been highly destructive.

The atrocious scaremongering depicting the adjustments as cuts to environmental water and the repeated references to big corporate irrigators shows just how little The Greens Party cares about the future of northern Victoria.

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