Nagambie Ambulance

Daniel Andrews can’t ignore Nagambie’s need for an ambulance any longer.

Before the election, the Coalition announced funding for two full time paramedics and an ambulance community officer for the Nagambie community.

Labor has refused to match this promise, putting us back at square one.

Despite the town’s growing population, its prominence as a tourist destination and the large number of events it hosts annually, Daniel Andrews has failed to recognise the need for a permanent ambulance presence in the town.

While the town has been serviced by a dedicated community emergency response team of volunteers who have done an outstanding job, the number of volunteers has dwindled from 30 to 11 and this interim measure was designed to precede a dedicated ambulance service.

I have highlighted the dire need for an ambulance on many occasions since I was elected – in the media, in Parliament and directly to the Minister, but now I need your help.

I urge you to add your voice to the fight and make it clear to the Labor Government that Nagambie needs an ambulance. We won’t go away until we get one.

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