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Nationals call for immediate halt to brumby cull

20 May 2020

The Nationals have demanded the Andrews Government abandons its plan to shoot brumbies in Victoria’s high country. 

The call comes as the Supreme Court grants a stay of execution to the Australian Brumby Alliance, delaying the cull which was to begin yesterday on the Bogong High Plains and in the Eastern Alps until May 26.

Member for Euroa Steph Ryan, who is also The Nationals’ deputy leader, said brumbies were an iconic symbol of Victoria’s high country. Brumbies are an introduced species but they a hold special place in the history and heritage of the high country as they carry the blood of the walers used by the Australian Light Horse.

Ms Ryan said Parks Victoria’s guidelines stated that shooting brumbies was supposed to be a method of last resort, but the Andrews Government had done nothing to reduce numbers before trying to shoot them.

“It is disgraceful that the Andrews Government wants to just go out and shoot brumbies when it has made no effort to muster or rehome them,” Ms Ryan said.

“Country people have not forgotten that it was Labor who banned cattle from the high country. This is yet another attack by Labor on the high country’s way of life. 

“Most people understand that brumby numbers in the high country do at times need to be reduced, but instead of just shooting them, the Andrews Government should be working to muster and rehome them wherever possible.

“If the Andrews Government was truly motivated by protecting the ecology of the high country, it would do more to control the growth in deer, pigs, goats and wild dogs.

“There needs to be an ecological balance. It is estimated that there are 300 deer to every one brumby in the high country.

“While brumbies are targeted for culling, deer remain a protected species”.

Ms Ryan is asking Victorians who want to stop the brumby cull to sign a petition at


Photo: Steph Ryan is calling on Labor to muster and re-home brumbies like Banjo instead of shooting them.

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