Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly film

16 November 2017

MS Ryan - 

I am delighted that another Ned Kelly movie is on the cards. I strongly urge producers of the film to shoot the movie in Kelly country, where there is still a deep connection to the Kelly story.

The Euroa electorate covers much of the country roamed by the Kelly gang, including the Strathbogies, the bank at Euroa which was the scene of their infamous robbery, Hughes Creek at Avenel when Ned saved the young Shelton boy and where Red Kelly is buried, to just to name a few. My great-great-great grandmother Mary Lloyd Tanner was Ned and Dan Kelly's first cousin; she and her husband William were Kelly sympathisers who harboured them when they were on the run.

Of course Peter Carey's novel is a deeply inaccurate account of the Kellys. It is a shame the film is not being based on The Inner History of the Kelly Gang by J. J. Kenneally.

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