Letter to the Editor

No Body, No Parole

02 March 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dear Editor

Last week the Coalition proposed new laws that would prevent convicted killers from receiving parole if they refuse to reveal the location of the body of their victims.

Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Corrections and Police Edward O’Donohue introduced a Private Member’s Bill into the Legislative Council on behalf of the Coalition to implement the change.

Under the Corrections Amendment (No Body, no Parole) Bill 2016, a person convicted of murder who refuses to provide police with the location of the body of their victim will not be granted early parole.

Families should have the right to bury their loved ones and it should be families who decide on the resting place, not convicted killers.

The rights of victims and their loved ones should be at the heart of the justice system and criminals should be held to account for their crimes.

In addition, families have a right to gain closure after the tragic loss of a loved one.

I urge Daniel Andrews to support this important strengthening of the parole system and put the interests of victims and the community first.


Steph Ryan MP
Member for Euroa
Deputy Leader of The Nationals 

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