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07 March 2018

Ms Ryan - I am absolutely delighted to inform the house of a commitment made by the Liberals and Nationals to replace all of the rolling stock on both the north-east and Shepparton lines. This a complete and utter game changer for our region. I must admit I was greatly disappointed when the Minister for Public Transport arrived in our region that day with nothing but excuses, sheeting the blame again back to the federal government for Labor's failure to invest in new rolling stock.

I have committed to raising the problems on these lines until such time as the government matches our commitment for new rolling stock, so this morning I want to tell the house about Patricia Paige, who boarded the 8.24 a.m. train from Euroa to Southern Cross, a service which should have seen her disembark in Melbourne at 10.35 a.m. but took 4 hours. The delays began at Avenel when in the short distance between Avenel and Seymour the train gained half an hour. It continued, in Patricia's words, 'limping along', stopping and starting and causing several passengers on board to miss important appointments, including one gentleman who had an appointment booked at the Epworth hospital. The train did not reach Melbourne until 12.24 p.m. I have stacks of these stories, and it is time that the government and the Labor Party actually invested in new rolling stock.

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