24 June 2015

Port of Melbourne

Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction Bill 2015

24 June 2015 MS RYAN (Euroa) — I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute on the Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease...

24 June 2015

State Budget 2015 Infrastructure

Regional and rural infrastructure funding

June 24, 2015 MS RYAN (Euroa) — I also rise to contribute today to the debate on the matter of public importance proposed by the Leader...

23 June 2015

Volunteers National Emergency Medals

National Emergency Medal

23 June 2015 RYAN — On Sunday a number of Country Fire Authority volunteers from the Euroa electorate were awarded the National Emergency Medal for...

23 June 2015

Ice Drugs Odyssey House

Odyssey House

23 June 2015 RYAN (Euroa) — Last week I visited Odyssey House's 15-bed residential rehabilitation facility at Molyullah. Three residents at various stages of the...

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