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Plea to help businesses with new COVID checks

04 June 2021

The Service Victoria app needs to be overhauled to make it easier for businesses and customers to comply with new COVID check-in requirements.

From today businesses must ensure all customers immediately check-in using a Victorian Government QR code.

Businesses that are open in regional Victoria but closed in Melbourne – such as retail and beauty – must also check ID to make sure their customers live in regional Victoria.

Member for Euroa and The Nationals’ deputy leader Steph Ryan said Victoria’s app lacked a number of key features of the NSW app which had been mandated there for months.

“The NSW app allows you to check-in more than one person on the same device, making it easy to add dependants or people who are unable to check-in because of age or disability,” Ms Ryan said.

“It also provides a confirmation on your screen once you have checked-in, allowing businesses to easily verify that the rules have been followed, and provides better data for contact tracing by encouraging people to check-out when they leave a venue.

“The Andrews Government should overhaul the Victorian app to adopt these features to make it easier for businesses and customers to abide with the new requirements.”

Ms Ryan is also pleading with locals to help the region’s businesses comply with the new restrictions.

“The state government has put in place hefty fines for any business that isn’t following the rules,” Ms Ryan said.

“These new requirements will add extra costs to businesses, particularly if they have to put a staff member on the door to make sure everyone is doing the right thing.

“One of the best ways we can help is by playing our part to make sure businesses that are already doing it tough don’t get fined.

“Please make an effort to check-in wherever you go and have your ID ready in order to alleviate the pressure on them.

“These are the state government’s rules, not the store owners’ or workers’, so please help our local businesses by being courteous and polite when they ask you to check-in or show ID.

“I can assure you they are over it just as much as you are!”

Photo caption: Member for Euroa Steph Ryan is asking locals to help businesses by complying with the new check-in requirements

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