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Poll shows overwhelming opposition to super school

04 September 2019

The Andrews Labor Government should halt its plan to create a super school in Shepparton, after a poll conducted across the Shepparton electorate showed more than 60 percent of people oppose the plan.

The poll which was commissioned by The Nationals found just 18.6 per cent of people supported the super school, while about 20 per cent of people are unsure.

More than 61 per cent are either concerned or very concerned by the Independent Member for Shepparton’s support for the proposal while 76.6 per cent believe the community was only partially consulted or not consulted at all over the super school.

Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan said Labor and the Independent Member for Shepparton should listen to the community. 

“The poll shows that an overwhelming number of residents do not support the current plan and were not consulted about it,” Ms Ryan said.

“The message is clear: the community does not want this school merger to go ahead when there is no funding on the table to build a new school and no evidence that it will actually improve outcomes.”

Ms Ryan said she was concerned that supporters of the project had sought to paint community opposition to the school merger as the voice of a minority.

“The consultation process for this school merger has been a complete sham designed to railroad the community to a predetermined outcome,” Ms Ryan said.

“People who missed the call have contacted me asking how they can take part because they don’t feel like they have been listened to by the government or their local member.

“I don’t doubt for a second that Suzanna Sheed was well intentioned when she proposed the school merger, but she has got it wrong. I respectfully urge her to listen to the community.

“There is much to be done to improve opportunity for young people in Shepparton but it needs to be an effort that is built hand-in-hand with the community and grounded in evidence.”

More than 250 people, selected at random, responded to the survey which was conducted over Thursday and Friday nights.


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