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Premier confirms Labor will ram through Shepparton super school without funding

05 June 2019

Premier Daniel Andrews has again failed to commit full funding to Shepparton’s Education Plan when questioned in Parliament today.

Shepparton parents, students and teachers were stunned last week to see the State Budget fail to allocate any additional funding to the ambitious super school merger project.

“Today in Parliament Daniel Andrews had a golden opportunity to make amends and commit the full funding to the Shepparton school community but instead he squibbed it,” The Nationals Deputy Leader Steph Ryan said.

“There’s already uncertainty building about this merger and how it will impact resourcing, staffing, class sizes and more.

“I have asked the Education Minister a series of questions in Parliament about these details, including how much money the government believes is required to build the super school and the cost of demolishing the buildings on the old site but he has so far refused to answer them.

“It’s no wonder parents, teachers and students are anxious about the plan when there is a glaring lack of funding for actual capital works and the government is refusing to provide basic information about staffing, resourcing and class sizes.

“Shepparton’s school community must keep demanding answers from the Andrews Government about this project, because I fear that the recent experience of Benalla College is going to be replicated at Shepparton.

“After enduring a merger project that has taken more than a decade, Benalla’s community was shocked to recently learn the school’s operating budget will now be slashed by 10 per cent and this will mean job losses, program cuts and bigger class sizes.

“It is a massive red flag for Shepparton that Labor has put just $20 million in the budget, and most of it far off in the forward estimates, for a project which is expected to cost more than $100 million.

“It worries me greatly that the Andrews Government and the local member have pushed a plan on the Shepparton community that has only a fraction of the funding required to see it through.

“If projects like Benalla are anything to go by, Shepparton would also be well advised to ask the government to show them the money before agreeing to sign up.”

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