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Premier sets double standard on gender equality

22 June 2016

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to answer questions about his government’s double standards on gender equality.

The Premier was questioned in Parliament today by Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan following the forced resignation of former Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett and former CFA Chief Executive Lucinda Nolan.

Ms Ryan questioned the Premier on why he did not condemn the United Firefighters Union (UFU) for their bullying of his former Minister Jane Garrett and why he engaged in bullying tactics himself in an effort to push through an unlawful enterprise bargaining agreement.

“Despite claiming that equality is not negotiable, why did you bully a female minister out of her job simply because she didn’t agree with you?,” Ms Ryan said.

“You’ve bullied Jane Garrett out of her job when she tried to increase female firefighter representation and you’ve forced Lucinda Nolan out of her job after she opposed an EBA that discriminated against women.

“Premier, in your state of equality, does equality only exist when women agree with you?”

The Premier labelled the question as ridiculous and refused to answer.

Ms Ryan said the Premier was setting a concerning double standard on the treatment of women within Victoria.

“Daniel Andrews’ ruthless treatment of these women in the past few weeks – including his own Minister - shows a lack of respect for women and a complete failure to set an example on respect for women in this state,” Ms Ryan said.

“The arrogance the Premier displayed today by refusing to answer my question and take a stand on the issue of gender equality speaks volumes about where the issue sits on his priority list 

“Labor is putting the demands of a Melbourne-based union before equality for women.”





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