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16 September 2015

Ms RYAN (Euroa) — Labor's decision to hold a public holiday for the parade of the AFL Grand Final has gone down like a lead balloon in the Euroa electorate. Jacqui Brauman, the principal solicitor and director of Theobald Lawyers in Nagambie, said:

What a pointless holiday. As a small business owner the day closed will cost me signifiacntly in wages and lost productivity.

In Violet Town the six employees who work on a causal basis at All Terrain Weed Control will lose their shifts. Jean McKinnon told me:

We aren't a big business and margins are tight. This holiday just adds to the pressure of trying to maintain a small business in regional Victoria. People in regional Victoria want employment opportunities not more public holidays!

In Seymour Susan Parker owns a small hairdressing salon called Bespoke Hairdressing. She will close on the parade day holiday, which means she will lose money and her two casual workers will take home a smaller pay packet that week. What does she think? She said:

I find it an absolute disgrace, what a waste of time and money on such an unimportant pastime!

There are many others in Jacqui, Jean and Susan's shoes. This public holiday is absolute folly. It is a handbrake on regional businesses and it will see thousands of people in my region lose work. This public holiday has been shunted through without consultation. The government's own regulatory impact statement shows that it, along with the public holiday on Easter Sunday, will cost Victorians $1.2 billion and 353 000 casual workers their shifts.


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