Benalla Barkly Street campus

Push for repurposing of Barkly Street campus renewed

25 May 2022

The old Benalla High School campus on Barkly St continues to fall into a state of disrepair due to the inaction of the Victorian Government. The school site has not been utilised since the end of 2018, with graffiti and vandalism creating an eye-sore in the community.

Speaking in Parliament this week, Euroa MP Steph Ryan renewed her calls for the Treasurer to take action and sell the site for the benefit of the Benalla community.

“When Benalla College moved out of the Barkly Street site, the campus was in good repair. It had been well maintained by the school, and the buildings were structurally quite good,” Ms Ryan said.

“At the time I urged the government to move swiftly to find a new purpose for the site to make sure that it did not fall into disrepair. 

“Instead of heeding that advice, the government has sat on its hands, erected temporary fencing and left the school and the campus to completely deteriorate.”

Ms Ryan expressed frustration that the community has been left out of the consultation process, with a lack of transparent communication.

“The constructive thing to do would have been to sit down with the community and actually have a conversation with them about appropriate use for the site,” Ms Ryan said.

“Instead, the government has just walked away, making the site a target for vandals and graffiti.”

Ms Ryan promised to continue advocating for the community until the site is sold.

“The community has been pushing for action on the site for a number of years,” Ms Ryan said.

“I will continue to raise the concerns of the community until the government does the right thing and action is taken.”

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