Question Time - Minister Somyurek

26 May 2015

May 26, 2015

MS RYAN (Euroa) — My question is to the Premier. In the Premier's press conference on Saturday he said that the complaint against the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Minister Somyurek, related to 'a number of incidents'. I ask the Premier: when was he, his chief of staff or his office first alerted to any potential bullying issues within this office?

MS RYAN (Euroa) — Again referring to the Premier's press conference about this complaint, he said:

The complaint has been made by the chief of staff to the minister and details, at least in her mind … a pattern of abusive behaviour …

I ask the Premier: what did he mean by the words 'in her mind'?

May 27, 2015

MS RYAN (Euroa) — My question is to the Premier. Can the Premier confirm that a second staff member of Mr Somyurek, one who intervened in the alleged bullying incident, was last week sacked and is no longer being paid, but the minister, the person accused of bullying, is still on full ministerial pay?

MS RYAN (Euroa) — Noting that the former Labor candidate for Frankston, Helen Constas, disendorsed for allegations of workplace bullying, is now working at the Premier's electorate office, I ask: is it now the practice of this Labor government that staff who stand up against bullying are sacked and those who conduct it are hired?

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