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Road safety inspection at Colbo Primary

13 April 2022

Regional Roads Victoria has been ordered to inspect the safety of the road in front of Colbinabbin Primary School, after pressure from local MP Steph Ryan. 

Children are currently walking perilously close to a major heavy traffic road in order to get to and from school. The area lacks clear signage and lines to mark the road shoulder, a job the principal undertook with a borrowed line marker.

Last month, Ms Ryan raised the urgent need for barriers and flashing 40km/h speed signs in parliament before personally inspecting the safety hazard with the school principal, local police, and a concerned parent.

Ms Ryan said a site inspection was a step in the right direction.

“I’m relieved the Minister has ordered an urgent on-site inspection of this safety hazard,” Ms Ryan said.

“Constant heavy traffic and primary school students are a dangerous combination unless proper safety measures are in place.

“The school is back off the road and not in an obvious location, leading to a steady stream of speeding vehicles.

“Anyone familiar with the site would know why work needs to be undertaken. I’m sure the government will understand the gravity of the situation once they take the time to look at it properly.”

Ms Ryan cautioned that a site inspection was only the first step in the process to resolving the issue.

“I won’t stop pushing this until the government installs electronic speed signs,” Ms Ryan said.

“The Minister has stated the signage is legally compliant, but it is obvious that flashing school signs are necessary.

“Parents and teachers shouldn’t have to worry about kids getting to and from school safely.

“There is a simple fix to this issue, and I urge the Minister to put additional safety measures in place for the peace of mind of the Colbo community.”

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