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Ryan sounds alarm for Strathbogie Fire Station funding

06 September 2019

Euroa MP and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan met yesterday with members of the Strathbogie CFA to call on the Andrews Government to provide funding for a new station.

Ms Ryan said the station, which was built in the 1970s is in desperate need of an upgrade, with the brigade running out of space to store their tankers and firefighting equipment.

“The station is no longer viable for the brigade to store their tankers, with members struggling to even open storage cupboards because it’s such a tight squeeze,” Ms Ryan said.

“As it stands, the brigade’s two tankers are housed in a 2-bay tin shed and their ultralight is stored in a neighbour’s garage.

“Volunteers have also expressed their concern that they do not have adequate room to clean their hoses, which is critical for maintaining the safety of members who have been left with no other option but to clean their hoses on the street.

“There is further need for a new office space for the brigade’s captain and lieutenants to file paperwork, a briefing room for meetings and bathroom facilities.”

Ms Ryan previously raised Strathbogie CFA’s need for a new fire station in Parliament last year, calling on the Emergency Services Minister to examine the space required.

“Strathbogie’s nearest brigade is over half an hour away which means they can’t always rely on fast backup,” Ms Ryan said.

“It is impossible to imagine what communities like Strathbogie would do without the hard work and dedication of their CFA brigade.

“The needs of the Strathbogie CFA must be addressed as a priority by the Andrews Labor Government.

“I have written to the Emergency Services Minister to again raise this issue urging her to visit the brigade and see their needs first hand.

“I will continue to work with brigades across the Euroa electorate to ensure that our volunteers are valued and properly resourced to continue their great work protecting local communities.”


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