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Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Health tours Euroa electorate

14 September 2015

An ambulance for Nagambie, publically funded hospital beds for Euroa and the co-location of the Waranga Memorial Hospital and aged care facility were just some of the issues raised with Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Women’s Health and Rural and Regional Health Margaret Fitzherbert on her visit to the Euroa electorate last week.

Ms Fitzherbert toured the Euroa electorate with Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan, meeting with a number of key groups to discuss the urgent health needs in the electorate.

Ms Ryan said the tour was an opportunity for Ms Fitzherbert to see Euroa’s health needs first hand.

“There are a number of urgent funding needs which are not being met by Daniel Andrew's Melbourne-centric government,” Ms Ryan said.

“The community of Nagambie desperately needs an ambulance to meet the demands of a growing population and the many visitors who come to town each year.

“In Strathbogie Shire there are three hospitals, yet not one publically funded acute hospital bed.

“Prior to the election, the Coalition made commitments for both of these needs as well as for the co-location of the Waranga Memorial Hospital and aged care facility at Rushworth.

“Today was an opportunity for us to put the spotlight on these issues once again.”

Other stops on the tour included the new chemotherapy and dialysis facility at Seymour Health, funded by the former Coalition Government, and the inauguration of the commemorative cairn and artwork at the Australian Light Horse Memorial Park in Seymour.

Ms Fitzherbert said the day had been a valuable chance to see the Euroa electorate and to hear about the issues affecting residents and health care providers.

“Steph Ryan is a great advocate for local health needs, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself,’ Ms Fitzherbert said.

“The Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy needs to explain her government's failure to respond to these issues.”


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