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State Budget - Heathcote

03 May 2017

Heathcote has received less from the 2017-18 State Budget than the $76,000 leave pass handed to rorting Labor MP Don Nardella.

Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of The Nationals Steph Ryan said Daniel Andrews had forgiven the MP’s debt, allowing him to repay just half of the money he rorted after he listed an address in a caravan park as his primary residence and claimed $174,000 of taxpayers’ money.

“Don Nardella got $76,000 from this Budget while the town of Heathcote and the wider district didn’t get a cracker,” Ms Ryan said.

“This is a Melbourne budget, not a Victorian budget. While Daniel Andrews hikes our taxes, we are getting nothing in return.”

Ms Ryan said for the third year in a row, the Andrews Labor Government had ignored the dire need for improved public transport in Heathcote.

“The budget contains no funding to provide more busses and better connectivity between Heathcote and Bendigo,” Ms Ryan said.

"This is despite a proposal having been put to Jacinta Allan as Public Transport Minister more than six months ago.

“Kangaroos are still a major issue for Heathcote and surrounding areas yet we see no solid plan for how the government plans to deal with the risk they present to local motorists.

“Heathcote Health is also seeking support for upgrades including for acute and aged care, ICT capability and new vehicles.

“This is consistent with low health spending right across the state, including no new money for mental health services.”

Ms Ryan said while Labor hadn’t invested in Heathcote, it had introduced 10 new taxes in the Budget despite Daniel Andrews’ promise he wouldn’t add any new taxes.

“While Don Nardella gets to repay half of the money he stole from taxpayers at a zero percent interest rate, we will pay more for stamp duty, motor vehicle registration and council rates,” Ms Ryan said.

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