Stevenson Street, Murchison

05 September 2018

After four years the Andrews government has failed all calls from Murchison residents to address the issues around heavy vehicle traffic on Stevenson Street in Murchison. I have been regularly contacted by residents there who are particularly concerned about the safety of pedestrians and local traffic. They recognise that the Murchison bridge is a critical freight link, but they have been calling for the government to look at a solution for some years, with absolutely no action whatsoever. They have been told by VicRoads that a curfew or a speed limit reduction is a possibility, but the government has failed to act on that at all. We now have traffic count figures increasing, with a total of 458 heavy vehicles through the main street of a small community each day.

Murchison residents would like to see heavy vehicles redirected behind the town and off the main street, and I would urge the government to seriously consider what options are available.

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