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Surveillance cameras to catch Reef Hills dumpers

05 June 2020

Surveillance cameras to catch illegal rubbish dumpers in the Reef Hills State Park have been installed following a campaign by Benalla residents that was supported by local MP and The Nationals deputy leader Steph Ryan. 

Ms Ryan called on the government to take action in February, when a large pile of industrial waste was dumped in the park just outside of Benalla.

“Residents have wanted to see action on illegal rubbish dumping in the Reef Hills State Park for several years,” Ms Ryan said.

“Earlier this year, large piles of industrial waste including broken glass were dumped in Reef Hills and then left for weeks despite numerous calls from concerned locals to the department.

“These illegal dumpings are a safety hazard for visitors to the park, which is popular with recreational users including cyclists and horse riders.

“It also leaves travellers who have pulled off the highway there for a rest break with a bad impression.”

In addition to surveillance cameras, Parks Victoria is now also working with Benalla Rural City Council on an investigation to identify previous offenders.

“These surveillance cameras will help complement regular patrols by Parks Victoria and council to catch offenders,” Ms Ryan said.

Ms Ryan said she believed an increase in illegal dumping was being in part driven by the state government’s increase in the landfill levies.

“The Andrews Government has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in landfill levies in the past few years which is being used to prop up the state budget,” Ms Ryan said.

“More people are illegally dumping rubbish because they don’t want to pay council tip fees and think this is an easy solution.”

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